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A project of alternative education
and a creative hub for embodied knowledge,
serving all life on Earth.

[h:] hub


What type of surrounding
can best support us?

Where we are working and living from is in tune with the essence of what we are doing. We are now friends with a mansion in Askainen, Masku. The area itself is both historically and culturally significant - going furthest back in time, far below in the ground, there are traces of seal hunters from the Stone Age... This place became our creative hub. Home. Project’s space for exploration and experimenting. Host for shorter and longer events.

Living a countryside life brings us closer to nature - surrounded by vast forests, fields, sea and wild animals there is no doubt that in future our school will be built in a similar environment. We already started shifting towards self-sustainability by building eco constructions, greenhouse, vegetable and herbs gardens. We share house as a community, animals and humans, and keep exploring what makes it thrive, what are its challenges, how to be able to create fertile grounds for learning. Our everyday life is a continuous playground for dreams that we have.

Visioning is an important part of this process, but without planning and doing we would not be able to explore our ideas in practice. We also let ourselves rest when needed and celebrate in various ways the completion of our tasks. At the moment our core working group is experimenting with such topics as ///community structures / creative process / sustainability / compassionate leadership / self-discovery / somatics / gardening/// 

We are collaborating on several different levels, developing our operations and searching for a permanent place.

Sydenkoulu ry
Masku, Finland