[e:] education


As Sydenkoulu, we participate in a systemic regeneration - from an increasingly worthless to an increasingly meaningful schooling (or un-schooling). We offer opportunities for learning, experiencing and creation together with a structure supporting it. A new type of education functioning as a rite of passage.

We are working towards a well-established alternative, so that people can make better choices for themselves, for younger generations and for generations to come to do the same. A full program based on diversity of tools that one shall acquire in order to explore their full potential as a human being. Constantly in resonance with what is happening in the world, so that we can adapt to our, as humanity, changing needs and dreams. Remembering and practicing the forgotten wisdom of elders and nature itself, moving in direction of interconnectedness and heart-driven decision making.

The school is primarily suitable for adults. We wish to meet those who are settled in a certain worldview and are having a longer experience in one or several professions, those who have already established a family, those who are searching for their placement in life, those who are just graduating from school or university... We are open to anyone who finds this project resonate with them. And even if you do not yet know why, we will take time to find answers.

Having the opportunity to show them a different perspective on education is part of a larger mission of guiding people into a truly soulful adulthood and nourishing the child-caregiver relationship. As the development of the school progresses we might as well be able to welcome individuals of all ages and even entire families, so that we can bridge intergenerational knowledge.

We are currently researching what set of skills is most needed nowadays and how can they be learnt, who shall be the guide and how can the program’s structure be adaptable to our quickly changing world. Including our own individual life experiences in this process has been crucial. We keep exploring how to make things more sustainable, learn from our actions and be able to recognize what is most needed at each given moment, then discuss it with others through shorter gatherings, courses etc. that we started facilitating.

Before we establish our curriculum...

We are, among others, organizing a four-week long pilot project called Summer School. You can also meet us during the Sightseeing Uncertainty tour!

Sydenkoulu ry
Revonkylä, North Karelia, Finland