Better serving structures and settings for education. Creating conditions for mutual learning. Treasuring creativity and adaptability. Including natural environments in the learning processes. Fostering interconnectedness and systems thinking. Community transformation. Exploration of radically sustainable lifestyles. Advancement on paths of self-discovery. Basically, people authentically being with each other.


Because things are falling apart - Infinite growth with finite resources. Shortsighted development. Accumulating wealth used for the individual, rather than societal benefit. Growing GDP without increase in happiness. Technological innovation separated from real needs of people. Systemic injustice and distorted leadership. Widespread collective paralysis. Ecological destruction. Social polarization. Spiritual poverty.

Within the spiraling crises and dull hopelessness, we found a meaningful thing to do. And we ended up here. The needed alternative ways of thinking and living are still marginalized. We wish to provide some structures for transformation and help others emerge as a result of our actions. A different story is possible.


By stopping to observe what is happening. By thinking, reflecting, listening, grieving, writing, talking, and moving. By learning. By bridging. By organizing discussions, camps, trainings, circles, and holding space for others. Online and offline. By trying things out. By bringing people together to experience an alternative. By gently, radically shaking.


The core team of 4, team of 10, project teams of 40, mycelium of 100+. People from different backgrounds and generations, artists, educators, sages, entrepreneurs, anthropologists, scientists, radicals, thinkers, doers and all of you that don’t fit these nor other fixed titles.


In Finland, for now. Having the headquarters in the North Karelian forests in the village of Revonkylä (The Fox Village). At the same time looking for a place to settle down. Expanding into a global network in future.


The project began in summer 2019 and will run until no longer needed, probably through several lifetimes. Upcoming events are visible in our calendar and projects pages.


is the core working group of Sydenkoulu. A complex, evolving, living organism. A shared project management and decision making bringing the inspirations, dreams and resources together. The members of Epicenter work in tight collaboration.

Julia is a sharp-eyed truth-seeker and a gentle radical activist, aiming at becoming an ancestor future generations can be proud of. She was brought up by the wild nature of her ancestral East Finland, and later during her nomadic years, shaped by encounters with different cultures.

In Sydenkoulu, she is visioning, creating connections, and weaving networks. She moves naturally through contexts and layers, holding multiple perspectives - and countless strings - at once.

She holds degrees in Architecture and Fine Arts, and has also studied wisdom traditions, facilitation, and leadership. She has a decade of work experience as an events producer and manager of creative projects. Most recently, Julia joined Nora Bateson’s Warm Data Lab host training and has dived deep into learning about the systems theory, group processes and interconnectedness, and is now particularly interested in the practical applications of these.

Every day, she is committed to living up to the received compliment of having philotimo - the highest virtue in greek, given to someone embodying the wisdom on how to live well, understanding the meaning of life extending way beyond individual objectives.

Julia Kukkonen

Community Manager
Collaborations, PR

Dagmara Maslowska

Production Manager
Content, Summer School


Mara is a wandering old soul, deep in observation and listening. Dancer. Poet. Trotamundos. With sparks in her eyes, they say. She is a multilinguist and an inexhaustible ideas generator, they say. What they do not say she finds in Nature, where she feels free to simply be. She is in a continuous conversation with the Universe, moving naturally through its endless forms of expression. Her vivid imagination and strong kinetic sense are important allies in her work. She is dedicated to a body-centered perspective, exploring the relation between the biological and the spiritual.

In Sydenkoulu, which she made her new home, she is responsible for the program’s content, solution finding, creation of texts and practical organization.

Professionally, having an academic background in Cultural Anthropology, she then migrated from scientific research into embodied forms of knowledge, soft skills and creative practice in performance making. She gathered experience internationally working as a group facilitator, artist, project coordinator. Education in Dance and Somatics is her foundation. She is currently expanding it through ecological perspectives into research on Ecosomatics and studying the communication with the more-than-human world.

Venla is a warmhearted neo-business woman, with feet and hands on the ground (soil). She has magical skills at growing plants, creating delicious dishes, and making people around her laugh. Persistence and creative problem solving are her strengths, as well as a combination of sentience and practicality.

She is the Keeper of the Structures and in Sydenkoulu, responsible for the administrative work and food production - gardening and kitchen management.

Venla has extensive work experience from kitchens, being responsible for making large groups fed. She holds a degree in Fine Arts, and her professional direction has been towards intensive individual studies in creative handicrafts, healing, permaculture, and plant medicine. Recently, she has expanded her entrepreneurial skills participating in courses about business management, association finances, and book-keeping. She is particularly interested in understanding the current systems, and how to structure our work dancing with it.

Her current deepening interests are in creating win-win situations in community life, and embracing the idea of making things happen - learning as she goes.

Venla Vasko

Administrative Manager
Catering, Gardening, Social Media

Enda Mattila

Communication Manager
Visuals, Editor-in-Chief, Social Media

Enda is an empathic warrior, whose super powers are seeing beyond the visible, bringing in authenticity and having a calming presence. Enda is the strong grounding force of Sydenkoulu. They work hyper-focused on the visual side of the project and place it into a larger context with publications.

They have a professional background in visual communication, holding a degree in Fine Arts. They have also studied philosophy and ancient wisdom and healing traditions, and they seek to deepen their understanding of how to be in service to all of creation on Earth every day. Enda has worked with clients and commissions empowering people by deeply seeing and hearing them. Their deep caring, capacity to hold space for others and experience in the mental health field has led them to support people in how to take care of themselves and keep healthy boundaries, process emotions, and develop integrity.

Enda is constantly stripping down layers and searching for core and essence in themselves and in the world around them. They have found their sense of belonging and feet touching the ground both in Finland and Iceland.


Antti Kaivola

Antti is discovering his most unique self. Moving from a business-engineer background towards a more holistic understanding of the world. He operates in between systems, directed by openings that could use his attention and effort. After shifting from hoping for the current system to regenerate itself, to working for an alternative to emerge, things have felt much lighter.

To Sydenkoulu, Antti brings text, theories, connections to the contemporary learning ecosystem, funding ideas and sales experience, some tech-business-efficiency-energy whenever needed and perspectives from the other side.

Inkeri is a warm hearted soul in a process of rooting herself to the North after a nomadic lifestyle. She is constantly seeking ways to finetune her inner and outer surroundings to be of benefit for the wellbeing of all and is determined to embrace everything that is on the way with gentle allowance, curiosity and healthy boundaries.

She is passionate about communities and explores ways how to make them stronger. After years of intuition driven experiential learning Inkeri started studying in Humak and aims to graduate as a community educator. She wants to build bridges between worlds and find the ways of communication that reach all sides.

In Sydenkoulu Inkeri is working as an intern, being part of our facilitation team and a helping hand in other forms of work.

Inkeri Kautto

Check who else is involved in our projects: Summer School team | Sightseeing Uncertainty team

We are grateful for everyone who has helped us generously to make this collaborative project going so far:

Katarina Huber, Kalle Heikkilä, Uska Sermo, Henna Hyvärinen, Alex Alexopoulos, Sami Juhani Rekola, Mirka Kinnula, Antti Kristian Pärnänen, Kerttu Loukusa, Essi Vesala, Kaarne Karjalainen, Karoliina Korvuo, Toua Heinonen, Laura Tuominen, Meri Karhu, Soni Pohjola, Katja Virkkunen, Karen Burns, Juha Mehtäläinen, Simo Saarikoski, Aapo Korkeaoja, Teemu Vuorenmaa, Opri Kangas, Ilkka Wahala, Katariina Stålhammar.

Big, big thanks for you!


We are currently running Sydenkoulu operations as a registered association.

The purpose of the association in short:

· to advance ecologically, socially and systematically sustainable lifestyle

· to support the personal growth and health of individuals

· to benefit the social and ecological sustainability of communities

· to offer alternative structures and environments for learning

· to benefit the general development of sustainable lifestyle, communality, culture and education

To carry out its purpose the association will e.g.:

· organize courses and other education

· practice research and art activities

· organize and produce cultural and other kinds of events

· execute projects, seminars, camps and other gatherings

· produce and publish information about sustainable lifestyle and its own activities

If you would like to read the rules of the association in their entirety, please send us an email to  and we will send them to you.

Sydenkoulu ry
Revonkylä, North Karelia, Finland