The association has supporting members and effective members. All members get discounts on our courses, they have the right to participate and to speak in meetings and they are welcome to participate in all events and activities of the association. The effective members also have a right to vote in the association’s meetings.

You can become a supporting member of the association by letting us know your name, address, email and phone number to It should come clear in the message that you want to become a member of the association. If you like, you can also tell us something about yourself and why you want to become a member and send us other greetings or questions.

A member may support the association by paying as high a membership fee as they like. In 2024 the membership fee for all members is a sliding scale 10-50 e/year. For higher support, you can pay for example, 60e or 100e annually.

Effective members are chosen by the association board. They are people who are interested in actively participating in developing the project long term.

You can apply to become an effective member by sending us an email where you let us know:

· your name, address, email and phone number

· why you would like to become an effective member

· who you are, your unique wisdom, knowledge, skills and interests

· some details about your education and work experience

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