We decided to follow an intuition-driven process in understanding what it means to be alive in times of planetary meta-crisis.

We are all motivated by a shared interest: developing ways of living in a sustainable, resilient and environmentally respectful way.

The project’s main driver is to create conditions for mutual learning for adults where we can transform our understanding of who we are and what we need, for the benefit of all life on Earth.

Our mission is to strengthen the connection with the embodied wisdom. The medium for this exploration is education. Other two main elements are hub (place) and serving

[w:] wisdom


We aid individuals on their path of self-discovery, in recognition that each one of us can bring about a change on this planet. Through our work, we redefine leadership and support each other in the processes that emerge. As one becomes guided by their wisdom our guidance is no longer needed. In a larger view, we weave new collective narratives of a socially resilient and radically sustainable lifestyle amidst current times of uncertainty.

[e:] education


As Sydenkoulu, we participate in a systemic regeneration - from an increasingly worthless schooling to an increasingly meaningful lifelong learning. We aim for an alternative education functioning as a rite of passage into true adulthood. The school’s curriculum would be primarily suitable for adults. We are working towards a well-established alternative, so that people can make better choices for themselves, for younger generations and for generations to come to do the same.

[h:] hub


Our everyday life is a continuous playground for dreams that we have. We are expanding our network and searching for a permanent place. Where we create and live from shall be in tune with the essence of what we do. We wish that our future home becomes a creative hub. Project’s headquarters. Host for shorter and longer events. Where we share a house as a community, animals, plants and humans.

Sydenkoulu ry