We decided to follow an intuition-driven process in understanding what it means to be alive in times of planetary meta-crisis. We are all motivated by a shared interest: developing ways of living in a sustainable, resilient and environmentally respectful lifestyle. The project’s main idea is to create an alternative to the existing structures for learning and a content that deeply resonates with who we are and what we need. Making a collective effort to redefine socio-cultural programming.


in the midst of nature where we can gather in peaceful and buzzing surroundings to learn together, transforming the understanding of what a school and a community is. Grounding each experience in practice. Staying truly connected to our innate wisdom.


interconnectedness, interdependence, creativity, cultivating compassion, opening for curiosity, strengthening self-agency, integrating our body-mind.


and planting seeds into the uncertainty of current times. Taking the responsibility for this new environment to thrive, recognizing our actions as part of a vast continuum of life on Earth. For us and for coming generations.

Sydenkoulu ry
Revonkylä, North Karelia, Finland