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We take the responsibility to share all that we learn. As the project is unfolding, more and more elements are finding their right placement. Sydenkoulu is actively engaged in the systemic structures it exists within, at the same time exploring their possibilities and limitations - taking a direction towards adaptability, inclusiveness and mutual trust. We recognize being part of a larger global movement, collectively finding ways to let the transformation happen. We help alternatives emerge at the edges of the current disintegrating system.


We begin from the ground level - facilitating events in local communities and sharing our findings on accessible online platforms. Humanely and steadily, we participate in both village and urban life, taking a variety of actions to keep an open conversation with a wider audience. We share what we are doing in social media and in publications. We invite people from various fields to collaborate with us. We build funding to keep our work financially sustainable and the fees of our courses low (ideally, money-free). We find meaningful formats for documentation, making our work available for as many as possible. 

You can browse through online offerings and join our individual/group sessions.

This work happens through us and through everyone ready to respond to this call. We are being in service for a far greater matter than we initially imagined and the project that we are creating right now is meant to last far into the future, bound by its integrity and sovereignty. As a gift.

Sydenkoulu ry
Revonkylä, North Karelia, Finland