Better serving structures and settings for education. Creating conditions for mutual learning. Treasuring creativity and adaptability. Including natural environments in the learning processes. Fostering interconnectedness and systems thinking. Community transformation. Exploration of radically sustainable lifestyles. Advancement on paths of self-discovery. Basically, people authentically being with each other.


Because things are falling apart - Infinite growth with finite resources. Shortsighted development. Accumulating wealth used for the individual, rather than societal benefit. Growing GDP without increase in happiness. Technological innovation separated from real needs of people. Systemic injustice and distorted leadership. Widespread collective paralysis. Ecological destruction. Social polarization. Spiritual poverty.

Within the spiraling crises and dull hopelessness, we found a meaningful thing to do. And we ended up here. The needed alternative ways of thinking and living are still marginalized. We wish to provide some structures for transformation and help others emerge as a result of our actions. A different story is possible.


By stopping to observe what is happening. By thinking, reflecting, listening, grieving, writing, talking, and moving. By learning. By bridging. By organizing discussions, camps, trainings, circles, and holding space for others. Online and offline. By trying things out. By bringing people together to experience an alternative. By gently, radically shaking.


The core team of 4, team of 10, project teams of 40, mycelium of 100+. People from different backgrounds and generations, artists, educators, sages, entrepreneurs, anthropologists, scientists, radicals, thinkers, doers and all of you that don’t fit these nor other fixed titles.


In Finland, for now. Having the headquarters in the North Karelian forests in the village of Revonkylä (The Fox Village). At the same time looking for a place to settle down. Expanding into a global network in future.


The project began in summer 2019 and will run until no longer needed, probably through several lifetimes. Upcoming events are visible in our calendar and projects pages.

Sydenkoulu ry
Revonkylä, North Karelia, Finland