a guided movement session

Each session arises from the moment of our meeting and is an invitation to let go, stay present to the moment, observe as your body enters a free flow and impulses appear and disappear, come and go. The movement will inform you about yourself, in this sense, what I offer may bring deep insights and healing.

You will practise listening to the body through quiet and slow sensing work. You will learn to trust your body-mind and its intuitive knowledge. You will experience the power of improvisational work. You will learn to move through the guided imagery.

In our sessions I combine movement improvisation with practices focused around body awareness and expression. I will reach for different tools such as, for example: natural materials, anatomy, text, sounds - that will become portals into each journey. Although, depending on what background you come from, this work can take various directions. I can see it as a great tool both for dancers and non-dancers.

There are also other formats for Body Poetry - individual or group, online or in Revonkylä, as a longer workshop (place upon agreement).

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led by Dagmara Maslowska - Vipassana meditation practitioner, studied ensemble physical theatre with DUENDE School in Athens, butoh dance with sensei Atsushi Takenouchi in Italy and later with other teachers like Vangeline, Imre Thormann or Joan Laage, Dance and Somatics in Finland, explored movement improvisation and body awareness during the past years. Currently strongly inspired by the healing powers of being in Nature.



This is an open call to join an informal research group on ecology and somatics. The research is self-paced with one (online) meeting per month. There will be twelve meetings altogether. The group will begin once there are enough people gathered (12).

Group members shall have a background in natural science, ecology, somatics or bodycentric work. Each will bring in study material and be equally responsible for participation as well as sharing. We will all enter into this research with the beginner’s mind and child’s curiosity. It is highly recommended that the research is not purely theoretical, but experiential and based in a chosen bodywork/set of practices.  

The idea comes from an individual strong interest in ecosomatics and lack of available and/or affordable programs in this emerging field.

It is free for all Sydenkoulu ry members. Otherwise a participation fee for each session is 10 euro.

Happy to have a chat with you -

We will have one pre-info meeting (introducing the idea, meeting each other, discussing about our motivations to join and ways to proceed).

Sydenkoulu ry
Revonkylä, North Karelia, Finland