Here are questions that we bring with us:
What makes a community?

How do we create conditions where people can really hear and see each other?

How to make someone see the world through different eyes?

How to facilitate a process based on ‘not knowing’, exploring uncertainty?

We would like to invite you to a safe space where you can explore a different narrative than that of isolation, fear and emptiness that was raised by the pandemic.

During the event we will approach the uncertainty with the curiosity of a tourist and view it from all different angles. As much as the group allows us to. But what is most important, we will gather to experience something new and observe how it informs us about ourselves - as individuals, as part of a bigger group. We are particularly interested in exploring the importance of strengthening community and coming together in this process. We are inspired by village life, social clubs, talkoot, sensorial theater and somatics.

At the heart of the evening is an outdoor, silent sensorial walk in which participants are guided to look at the world from new perspectives. Otherwise, the event will happen indoors. It will be formed around the unique presence of the group and a discussion led by the working group. They will hold the space with gentleness and guide the group with sensitivity, participating in the exploration of the topics equally by themselves as other participants.

The event is free and open to everyone. Participation does not require any specific skills, all you need is an open mind and clothes suitable for the given weather conditions. The part outside will take up to 45min. In case of disabilities, please inform us in advance. The event will be held in either English or Finnish, depending on the participants.

pics by Emiliano Verrocchio


cancelled due to the covid-19 outbreak ///

02.03. Pori, Galleria 3h+k
04.03. Seinäjoki, Taidehalli
08-10.03. Helsinki, Oodi
13.03. Turku, Pääkirjasto
18.03. Kankaanpää, Taidekoulu
19.03. Tampere, Takahuhdin Taidekeskus
21.03. Jyväskylä, Maatalo
22.03. Liminka, Taidekoulu
25.03. Rovaniemi, Galleria Napa (as part of the Arctic Design Week)

not cancelled ///

27.03. Joensuu, Taidekeskus Ahjo

See you on the road! 

Sightseeing Uncertainty team members:

Julia Kukkonen FIN
Dagmara Maslowska POL
Emiliano Verrocchio ITA

Emiliano Verrocchio - Photographer

Emiliano is a pacific observer and avid reader of his own thoughts, just as much as trying to read and picture the novels of everybody else around his existence. He has a special degree in procrastination, applied to the evergreen daily rule that the future does not exist. He silently watches humans in cities and wonders about the way we live and how we feel, living. Often finding all answers - and great inspiration - by simply watching other animals, just being.

He loves Finland, especially because Helsinki is his current love companion. Working as a freelance photographer, he would also like to exhibit again some of his most personal projects, one day.

Photo: Isra Hamdon

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